Students create Benetton digital windows

Graphic Communications student Jeremy Debattista with his live window for Benetton

Benetton's flagship stores in Europe will showcase videos by students from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) as part of a special collaboration between the brand and UCA.

Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre, invited a small number of prestigious universities around the world - including UCA Farnham - to take part in their Live Windows project which transforms its flagship store-fronts into intelligent digital displays.

Third-year BA (Hons) Graphic Communication student Jeremy Debattista created a special Valentine's Day 'window' which was shown in London and Milan on 14 February.

Jeremy, who is 25 and from Malta, said: "The opportunity to create such a high-profile piece of work for such a big brand is a dream come true for me.

"It may sound like a cliché but I would never have pictured in a million years that I'd produce something for Benetton while still at university.

"When I went up to the store in London to see it on the shop-front I just stood there gobsmacked for a while - I think a few people in the street thought I was a bit crazy."

Craig Burston, Graphic Communication course leader, said: "We're all extremely pleased that Jeremy's work has been chosen by Benetton for their Live Windows.

"It is further evidence that today's graphic communicators need to work across time-based media as well as the printed or still image. This project is all about telling a story in a strong, visual way and Jeremy understood this extremely well."

Live Windows Design Researcher Giovanni Flore flew in from Italy to brief Graphic Communication students about the project in September.

The students have been working hard creating visual communications for different calendar events and four more will have their work shown on Benetton's Live Windows in the next few months.

Zoe Johnson's video for International Mother Language Day was endorsed by the UN and shown in London, Paris, Barcelona and Milan on 21 February.

Craig Burston added: "The relationship with Fabrica and Benetton is fantastic for the course.

"We were approached by them a couple of years ago and the partnership has continued to grow and diversify because they know that we encourage our students to explore ways of working without constraint and the results certainly prove that.

"It's crucial that students get real-world briefs with major clients and they don't come much bigger then Benetton."

Fabrica chose to work with design institutions to encourage an exchange of ideas among the next generation of talented designers and to provide a global platform for them.

Jeremy's Live Window was shown in London and Milan Last year, four UCA students had their videos shown at Benetton stores in Munich, Milan, Moscow, London and New Delhi for a variety of events and causes, including a water conservation campaign and the Indian Holi Festival.

The course is now working with Fabrica and the United Nations on several projects away from the Benetton live windows design brief.

Check out the latest videos, by Chloe Ozwell and Joanna Duke, that were screened on Live Windows throughout Europe in 2013.

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