A Dyeing Art by Gwen Fereday

A Dyeing Art by Gwen Fereday

'A Dyeing Art' is the result of a collaboration between Ann Dolley, former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Design at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham, the James Hockey Gallery and Gwen Fereday, who carried out research into textile dyeing in India and collected most of the samples on display. 'A Dyeing Art' reveals, for the first time, the outstanding quality of the 'telia rumal', a square cloth or kerchief, worn as turban, loincloth, shawl and sari. The publication draws attention to the craftsmanship which is at the heart of its beauty.

This full colour catalogue has been produced to accompany the exhibition, with essays about craft techniques and the history of the cloth by Gwen Fereday, Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff and Rosemay Crill along with an insightful conversation with a family of Indian weavers.

A Dyeing Art
Geometric Double Ikats from Andhra Pradesh
Gwen Fereday


60 pages, full colour illustrations throughout
Published by the James Hockey Gallery, 1999
ISBN 1-899817-02-6

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